Top Fitness Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

Health Club Marketing Strategies It’s a mobile world – just ask any jogger, biker, or nordic hiker – and for the business of fitness, mobile marketing has never looked so sweet. As the masses move further from the cushioned fields of the couch potato and into a healthy, active lifestyle, the commercial side of fitness is being pressed follow suit. If you’re wondering how to keep your own business in the fit-living highlight, consider jumping into the mobile marketing paradigm with some of these new ideas:

Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps

Nothing puts your business in the hands of the consumer better than doing exactly that. Creating a visible mobile web presence for your gym or studio offers an entirely new dimension of availability to to your clients. Forward-thinking developers can even include services like visit scheduling or membership management into their program, making their business more user-friendly than ever before.

As powerful as mobile websites are, mobile smartphone apps are even better for connecting with your clients. Imagine having a weight loss tracker, calorie counter, or pedometer branded specifically for your business – perhaps even one linked into your own website? The possibilities are limitless, and with the massive talent pool of project-based mobile developers out there today, fitness mobile marketing is as easy as it is affordable.

Text Message Marketing and Interaction

Short Message Services (text messages, that is) have burst onto the scene in recent years, and they carry with them never-before-seen potential for fitness-mobile marketing. It’s been observed that text messages are read far sooner and more regularly than e-mail, and since text messages are typically available to users more readily than e-mail, the effect is amplified. A consensual recipient list of interested prospective clients is easy to build, and offers powerful advantages.

Imagine being able to announce promotional deals and special services to a wide swathe of your customer base on a literal moment’s notice; the power is there, and at a cost of pennies (or less!) per message. Online services are now offered by many providers which simplify bulk text messaging into an intuitive online interface. Some even offer such features as text-in polls, electronic coupons, and auto-response messages to provide mobile users with easy-access information (such as location and hours of operation).

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Mobile Advertising and Hybrid Promotions

At the end of the day, to make advertising worthwhile, it must do one thing exceptionally well: reach new potential clients. With the evolving paradigm of fitness mobile marketing, many new options are now available. It is now to push ads for your aerobic studio, gym, or health club to mobile websites and apps used by individuals specifically in your area. All it takes is registration with a reliable mobile ad network, and your name could be put in front of users for miles around.

Another interesting approach is the hybridization of mobile marketing with traditional methods, such as billboards and fliers. Perhaps the best example of this is the growing use of QR codes and similar schema: barcode-style graphical messages which can contain written messages or URL links to your business’ website. They’re easily scanned by any number of free reader apps, and naturally pique mobile users’ curiosity; because of this, it’s possible to include them with minimal additional material and still generate user response. By incorporating QR codes into your traditional advertising, you too can take advantage of this new style of promotion.

It’s easy to see that for the field of fitness, mobile marketing offers unique and significant opportunities to creative businesses. With the right tools, it’s easy to keep pace with your active client base: look into these powerful mobile marketing strategies today, and see what going mobile can accomplish for you!


Mobile Marketing in Illinois is taking off in popularity.  Fitness Centers and Health Clubs need to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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