How Text Message Marketing Benefits Schools, University Students

by Michael Armstrong

Schools text messageText message marketing for schools is finding its niche in the education arena. Many schools and universities are using text message marketing in a variety of ways and finding it makes running programs and communicating with faculty, staff and students easier.

SMS Text Marketing Works for Schools

SMS marketing is an effective means of communicating and one of the best ways schools and universities can get in touch with their students. More and more people these days are communicating via text, and the majority of them are young adults, although older adult usage of text is growing as well. Colleges and universities in particular have the ability to reach more of their students by communicating with them the way they communicate. This is also true for high schools.

Promote School Events with SMS

Text message marketing is an easy way to promote school events. Whether you want to keep students, faculty or parents more informed about what’s happening at the school, text message marketing has the reach to get your message seen and read. Colleges and universities use text message marketing to promote fundraising drives among former students as well.

For internal communications, text message marketing can get your message out to faculty and staff much better than emails. Keep faculty apprised of important dates, school events, test dates and other happenings. Communicate with staff and contact substitute teachers quickly and easily via SMS. Schools are finding that staff communications are easier and more effective via SMS.

Student communications improve when SMS messaging is used. School administrators contact students who are involved in student government to remind them of upcoming meetings that they are required to attend. Teachers communicate with their students outside the classroom by reminding them of test dates and quizzes, as well as important homework assignments. Students also communicate with their teachers or professors and can request appointments via text message.

How Teachers are using SMS Marketing

Teachers are also using SMS to communicate with parents of students. SMS is a great way to confirm parent-teacher conferences and make appointments whenever necessary. Some parents appreciate quick text from their child’s teacher informing them of upcoming tests, assignments, or letting them know of any issues arising in the classroom.

Schools are also finding that they benefit from using SMS to inform parents of their child’s absences from school. Where phone calls and emails miss, text messages are more effective at getting to the parent and keeping them informed of any issue pertaining to their child.

School Mobile SMSA huge benefit to schools has been the use of SMS during emergencies. No matter the emergency, whether related to weather, crime or any other type, SMS helps school administrators keep their faculty, staff and students aware of what is happening and what they should and should not do during an emergency.

For example, if severe weather forces the closing of classes, schools are able to text their faculty, staff and students to tell them classes have been canceled, and let them know when they can expect classes to resume.

SMS text alerts are a perfect fit for schools that need to get in touch in an emergency.

It is not hard to start using text message marketing as a means to communicate with your school community. There is SMS software available from many SMS marketers that makes starting a text messaging campaign as easy as possible. SMS software also makes managing your texts and tracking responses easier.

SMS marketing companies like Tatango and Trumpia have software that is easy to use, and available for free trial periods.  Check them out!

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