Best SMS Marketing White Label Reseller Program Reviews

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SMS Mobile Text Marketing White Label Reseller ProgramsWhen it came to a comprehensive “SMS Mobile Marketing White Label Reseller Programs” there were two mobile marketing companies that stood out in our minds as the best in class. From the features they offer, to their SMS marketing software platforms, these are companies that simply stood out from the competition in the realm of white labeling mobile SMS marketing.

For the purpose of these text messaging marketing reviews, we looked at over 30 companies and drew from them to get these two organizations, which excel in providing excellent services and features to text message marketing resellers.

Starting an SMS Text Marketing Business

If your looking into starting an sms marketing business or offering text message marketing services to your list of services, the last thing you want to do is build your own sms marketing software platform.

There are several companies that have done all this work for you and offer an sms reseller program or an sms white label reseller program so you dont hvae to build your own platform.

Types of Businesses Starting an SMS Marketing Company

  • SEO Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Telcom Providers
  • Offline Marketing Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Direct Mail Providers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Direct Marketing Companies

Our TOP Recommended SMS White Label Reseller Programs

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Trumpia White Label Review

TrumpiaTrumpia is without doubt, one of the providers of the best SMS mobile marketing white label reseller programs that this review found. Already ahead of the game in the world of text message marketing, Trumpia makes a fine addition to its plethora of offerings by offering a white label program for resellers.

In keeping with the fine services offered by Trumpia, as part of its mobile marketing text messaging package, Trumpia offers a great deal more to the reseller who chooses their text message white label program. These include many beneficial features and a number of additions that make Trumpia a true leader in the field.

Some of these beneficial features and add on’s for the text message reseller include:

  • Turn Key White Label Platform
  • A patented All in One system
  • Buying at whole sale rates
  • Constant enhancements
  • Live 7 day a week support
  • Comprehensive Training

This is in addition to the comprehensive services which Trumpia already offers as part of its mobile text messaging platform that is full of features. Some of these features are:

  • trumpia reseller videoBulk SMS texting
  • Ability to schedule Mobile coupons
  • Mobile voting
  • text messages in advance
  • Facebook widget
  • Integration with social media
  • Personalized messages with customers names
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Email Campaigns
  • True All-in-One Solution

For these Best SMS Mobile Marketing White Label Reseller Program Reviews, we wanted to ensure that we featured the actual services being offered by the companies for small businesses. Trumpia’s all in one solution is ideal for small business owners because they provide a text, voice, chat and social media campaign through one software program.

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Lime Cellular White Label Review

Lime Cellular Reseller Program Learn MoreWhen it comes to companies that are mobile marketing white label reseller providers, Lime Cellular by far stands out among the competition because of its innovative use of technology to bring its own excellent services in the text message marketing sphere into an offering that now SMS marketing reseller would turn down.  Having a system that is completely user friendly, and can be integrated to give the end user a simple platform, is just the beginning of the offerings of this company. In fact they offer a system that can smoothly use text message marketing, as sold by the mobile marketing reseller, with all the other systems of the customer. Additionally they also offer a clear path to good margins by allowing the mobile marketing reseller to chose and negotiate their own prices with the ultimate customer. All of this on top of the services and support offered as part of their text messaging marketing platforms. Some of the services offered by Lime Cellular are:

  • Lime Cellular VideoFacebook
  • Twitter
  • SMS Polls
  • Text to win
  • Loyalty program
  • Premium mobile websites
  • Lead generation
  • Auto responders
  • Questionnaire
  • Appointment software
  • Text to screen
  • QR Codes – create and track them
  • Vehicle listing (auto dealers)
  • Property listing (real estate agents)
  • Google Analytics

Because these are features that any SMS marketing campaign would need, Lime Cellular makes them part of any text message marketing package that is sold, but what is interesting in the eyes of this mobile marketing white label reseller review is the additional support offered by Lime Cellular to its white label mobile marketing reseller customers which include:

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Integrated billing system
  • Fully Customized Designs for customers
  • The ability to set your own pricing
  • Enterprise Management Tools
  • Training as additional support

The point of being a SMS marketing reseller is to make a profit. Working with a company like Lime Cellular virtually ensures that the reseller has the ability to do just that.

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Lime Cellular Reseller Program Learn More


Best SMS Mobile Marketing White Label Reseller Program Reviews

The best SMS White Label Reseller programs offer the reseller a great opportunity to be successful.  The decision of which provider to go with is not one that should ever be taken lightly.

Fortunately, both Lime Cellular and Trumpia offer comprehensive programs so a new text reseller can sign up and start making money right away by selling text message marketing solutions.

Starting a Text Message Marketing Company

If you want to start an sms marketing business you’re going to need a text marketing provider as a partner. 

  1. Click on the links above and sign up for a FREE TRIAL at both Trumpia and Lime Cellular.
  2. Review their white label sms marketing platform.
  3. Determine which service best fits your specific needs.
  4. Launch your SMS marketing service!


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Cody March 25, 2013 at 10:25 am

I’m assuming that the terms SMS Marketing and Text Message Marketing are the same, right? I’ve been wondering why some refer to one term, while others call it the other. I’m thinking SMS is the original term that was used in the early stages of text messaging between cellular phones. This may be a question that mobile resellers of this type of service will encounter. You could lose the client’s confidence, if you don’t know the answer.

Michael Armstrong March 27, 2013 at 5:06 am

Cody – Yes, SMS marketing and text message marketing are really the same thing, just using different words.

You might want to sign up for our free mobile marketing video training course so you can learn more about sms marketing!

Wendy March 26, 2013 at 2:54 pm

I am noticing that text message broadcasting services are popping up like they are going out of style. Or should I say as if the bubble is about to burst. Even though when an industry becomes saturated with competitors it can mean that bubble is about to burst, I don’t think that is the case with SMS messaging because mobile devices keep selling and more users enter into the market as more teens get cellular.

Michael Armstrong March 27, 2013 at 5:04 am

There are a lot of new text message marketing companies out there. There are also a lot of text message marketing reseller programs to choose from and this is why we created this post, so we can recommend the best text message reseller programs to our readers.

Sharon March 27, 2013 at 11:02 am

Your review was very well written and it explains a lot about his whole program that most people wouldn’t know. Thank you for posting this I am looking forward to your next review and what the topic might be. You have truly given me something to think about when it comes to mobile marketing and I think I am going to seriously consider it.

Michael Armstrong March 29, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Thanks for your comment and Im glad you liked our text marketing review!

Joanne March 28, 2013 at 11:26 am

Michael thank you for putting this blog out there to help us know who the best text message resellers are but I was thinking you need to add more to the post because right now it is mainly your opinion about one and that just shows that you like them it doesn’t mean that they are the best out there. You have done a great job and I will definitely return.

Michael Armstrong March 29, 2013 at 10:32 pm

We have texted most of the major SMS reseller programs out there. Lime Cellular and Trumpia are our top 2 recommendations. Of course everyone has their own opinion.

If youd like us to review any other texting resellers, just let us know.