Small Business Mobile Websites – Just Make Sense

by Michael Armstrong

Small Business Mobile Websites - Just Make Sense

Mobile Websites for Small Businesses

With the current trends in technology, media, and the internet, the sensible thing for small businesses to do is to build a mobile website.

Many small business owners ask why this is so. They see mobile websites as a lot of extra work to get something that they have already put a lot of work (and money) into – a website. Some of them assume that mobile websites only work for businesses in certain industries or businesses that offer products particularly relevant to mobile web users.

Fact Check – What is the Mobile Web?

Well, the mobile web has a population somewhere around the 80 million mark (83 million is the most recent estimate). That’s a sizeable chunk of the population, and one that certainly should not be ignored.

But size isn’t the only thing that the mobile web has going for it – there is frequency to consider as well. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are getting around half of their traffic from mobile devices. Although there still don’t exist any truly accurate ways to measure the specifics of mobile-based traffic, it’s safe to say that the mobile web is growing at a rapid pace.

Experts project that, something in the not-so-distant future; mobile devices will bypass traditional means such as PCs and laptops, as the primary way that users access the internet.

Mobile Websites for Small Business – Not an Extra, a Necessity

These facts all point to one truth – mobile websites are not some sort of extra, bonus feature that small businesses can choose to offer or not offer, they are a necessity for any business that wants to be taken seriously.

There may still be some who wonder why a specifically mobile website is necessary. This question is easy to answer. Aside from the obvious differences in the screen size of various devices, there are additional differences in the way that the mobile web works and the hardware/software configurations of mobile devices that make a mobile-optimized site key for an enjoyable user experience.

Mobile Websites for Small Businesses – Two Paths to Mobility

Here are just two ways that your small business can get mobilized:

Mobile Conversion – companies such as Duda Mobile offer conversion services that will take your current, traditional website and convert it into a mobile-optimized version. This is one easy way to go-mobile, and with automated syncing, it’s the same amount of work for twice the website.

Outsourcing – sites such as oDesk make it easier than ever for your business to contract the services of a freelance web designer. They offer numerous tools and features that ensure you will find the right developer for your needs, within the right price range. Registration is free and their commission is transparently calculated before you agree to any deal.


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