QR Code Marketing for Retail Stores

by Michael Armstrong

Retailers are a Perfect fit for QR Code Marketing Strategies

QR Code Marketing for Retail StoresQR code marketing for retail stores is still in the introductory phase. Although QR codes are now popping up all over the place, they are still a big unknown to many consumers who aren’t sure what to do with them, as well as to retailers who don’t all have an understanding of what consumers expect from a QR code. However, there are some tips for retailers who are considering using QR codes in their marketing plan that will help them get the most out of QR code marketing.

What are QR Codes

QR codes are black and white patterns, sometimes color as well, printed in a square that contain information that can be read by a smartphone’s camera eye and translated into an interactive experience for the smartphone user. This interactive experience engages the consumer and provides them with “extra” information and value for their dollar. A QR code can link the consumer to a retailer’s mobile web page, their mobile app, provide an opportunity to obtain mobile coupons or take them to product videos on a You Tube page. QR codes provide retailers with a way to invite customers to opt in to the retailer’s text message club. The possibilities are endless.

Because there are so many possibilities with retail QR code marketing, some retailers have struggled knowing what their customers would like from a QR code. If a consumer scans a code and is not happy with the result, they aren’t likely to scan that code again, so it’s important to get it right the first time. This is where a prior campaign using SMS polling would be helpful for the retailer. A retailer who polls their customers, explains how a code works and asks what their customers would like from it, then takes that information into account will have a better idea of what their customers want and can use that information to be more successful with QR code marketing.

Retail QR Code Marketing Campaigns

Another way for a retailer to get ahead when designing a successful QR code campaign is to utilize the code to provide something that you already know your customers want. For example, in recent holiday shopping seasons, more consumers shopped via their smartphones and then used their smartphones to make purchases. Take this into account and use QR codes to link your customers directly to a comparison shopping app, or an app that lets them make purchases securely right from the app.

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There is recent news for retailers thinking of using QR code marketing. The United States Postal Service now offers a 2% discount to retailers who put QR codes on their direct mail, including postcards and catalogs. For many retailers, this discount gives them more money back in their pocket than what it costs to put the QR codes on their mail, making QR code marketing something that is worth investing in. There are limitations to keep in mind, however. The USPS extends the discount only to retailers whose QR codes link to an online product page. Taking advantage of this, a retailer can use this code to highlight new products, their most popular product line, or to give customers extra information on a product of their choosing.

QR code marketing for retailers may still be experiencing growing pains, but as consumers become more knowledgeable about them and retailers begin to use them to provide their customers with what they want, QR codes will become a more vital part of a mobile marketing strategy.


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