What Do People Do On Mobile Devices

by Michael Armstrong

Learn about Mobile MarketingTo better understand mobile marketing, its important to understand what people do on mobile devices?  You guessed it, mobile gaming leads the pack.

Games and Apps

Some of us remember the days of video arcades, pac man, defender, and even tempest.  Those were the good old days of gaming and next came the home gamer experience.  Now we are at the point where all the games you ever wanted can be in the palm of your hand.  Mobile gaming has increased 20 times over the last 2 years.

Social Networking on Mobile Phones

Social networking is a bit of a distant second when it comes to what people are doing on their mobile phone.  Facebook leads the way and then twitter.  We are a social society so its no surprise that social networking would play a large role in the use of smartphones.

Shopping on Mobile

Everyone has been waiting for shopping to take off on mobile and it did finally happen.  The last 2 years showed a significant growth in mobile shopping and the important aspect to this statistic is that people in general are now comfortable shopping using their mobile phones.

What do People do on Mobile Phones – Infographic

What Do People Do On Mobile Devices

(Click Infographic Image to Enlarge)

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