Take your Spa and Salon Marketing Strategies to New Highs

Salon Marketing StrategyMobile marketing is a growing trend all over the world and salon marketing is no stranger to the concept. With mobile marketing you’re allowing your business to be seen online and easily accessible through your customer’s cellular phones. With salon marketing switching to mainly mobile marketing, it’s important for salons to start working on their mobile marketing strategy.

The ideas are limitless and the ability to grow through this tough economy is truly there. With the right mobile marketing strategy and by setting up your salon marketing plan, you’re allowing your salon to be seen more and more convenient to the public. Continue Reading

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Gym’s and Healthclubs are Going Mobile with Apps, SMS and Mobile Websites

Healthclub marketingWant to dramatically increase awareness about your gym? Want to attract new members and make sure that your current members stay loyal? You can do these things with an effective SMS marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing is exploding in terms of popularity and effectiveness. It blows all of the traditional marketing techniques and methods out of the water in terms of how many people you can reach at once over a very short period of time.

However, mobile marketing is the most effective when combined with these traditional marketing methods. The following are a few examples of how you can best use mobile marketing and text message marketing in particular, to attract new members, keep current ones, and grow your gym faster than ever before possible. Continue Reading

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Outsourcing Mobile App Development is Extremely Cost Effective

Mobile App OutsourcingOutsource your mobile app developers today. Stop wasting time and money placing ads in the paper or on career websites. Advertise your projects for free, and outsource to qualified people immediately. It’s quick and it’s easy. Best part, it’s free to join! You have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about when it comes to outsourcing for mobile app developers.

Outsource mobile app developers are easy to find on sites such as eLance. To post a job on eLance go to WWW.ELANCESIGNUP.COM and sign up. It’s a very fast process, and it’s free to join. Continue Reading

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Retail Store Marketing is going Mobile With Apps SMS and Even Mobile Websites

Retail Marketing PlanYour retail marketing plan deserves a sound SMS marketing strategy to go along with it. SMS marketing is growing and expanding all around the world, in all facets of retail business. No matter what you are selling, SMS marketing can take your marketing plan and make it more effective at actually finding and engaging today’s consumers.

Why Text Message Marketing?

Retail SMS marketing is effective because of the growth of mobile technology. Today’s consumers are everywhere, and they seldom go out without their mobile phone. It does not matter which type of phone your customers carry, because virtually all mobile phones today are text-capable. Continue Reading

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Mobile Friendly Websites are a Must

mobile friendly websiteWhen planning the development of your mobile website, there are a number of important aspects to consider. Each of these considerations has an impact on the way that a mobile website should be built in order to ensure a quality user experience.

What is Different About Mobile Web?

First of all, mobile websites are built using the same technology used for traditional websites, however, the devices that interpret and display them are much different. Mobile devices, especially mobile phones, operate on internet connections that aren’t as fast and can’t handle as much data as laptops or PCs. Continue Reading

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Even Church Marketing is going Mobile with SMS, Mobile Websites and Apps

Church MarketingJesus Christ may have done just fine without cell phones to spread the gospel. My, have times changed. To take your church into the 21st century, introduce your faithful flock (and potential members) to mobile text marketing.

Entertaining Your Flock

If you’re a pastor, you may be thinking that you don’t need a church marketing plan for the members you already have. Well, just because you’re a pastor doesn’t mean you can’t preach to the choir. You can utilize sms marketing software to create a list of members that choose to opt in to a text message list. Continue Reading

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Why Your Bar or Nightclub Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile websites for bars and nightclubs are the newest benefit for smart phone users. Mobile websites for bars and nightclubs allow the consumers to use their phone from anywhere to find out anything they want to know about your company. If they’re on their way to a block of bars and nightclubs, you want yours to stand out and be easily accessible. Lots of regular websites wont load on a phone, and that can be frustrating to your customers, and it may keep them from ever coming in since they won’t have the answers they’re looking for when they search your bar or nightclub online. Continue Reading

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Which Mobile Marketing Companies are Best for Restaurants

Mobile Marketing Companies for Restaurants

Mobile marketing is a loaded word. It covers a wide variety of marketing initiatives, albeit restaurants should take advantage of mobile technology.

When your restaurant is planning to implement a mobile marketing strategy, one company just might not be the best choice. Each type of mobile marketing, whether it’s text marketing, mobile web, or mobile apps, requires a different kind of expertise.

Instead of looking for a general, one-size-fits-all solution, you should take advantage of multiple companies that specialize in the various areas of mobile marketing.

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Text message marketing, when done right, can be an extremely valuable asset for your restaurant. Continue Reading

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