Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons

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Tanning Salons Need a Mobile Website

Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons You own a tanning salon and you stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in your industry, but are you doing the same when it comes to your online presence? Sure, you’ve got a website and it looks nifty, but do you have a mobile website? If you don’t, there’s no need to panic. Developing and launching a website that has been designed and optimized to run on the latest mobile devices and mobile web browsers is easy and affordable, but first, let’s take a look at why you need a mobile website for you tanning salon.

Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons – Tell Me Why

Although there’s no way to know for sure just how many people own a mobile phone, the favored statistic is 9 out of 10. That should be enough to give you an idea of just how widespread mobile devices are these days. Experts predict that in the very near future, mobile phones will be the way that the majority of the population accesses the internet. Mobile phone sales are already outpacing the sales of laptops and desktop computers. It makes sense. They’re cheaper, you can carry them around with you everywhere, and virtually every mobile phone out there comes equipped with an internet browser.

What Makes a Mobile Website Mobile?

Although mobile devices are quickly closing the gap in terms of software and hardware capability, there is the obvious difference of screen size. Additionally, the majority of mobile phones employ touch screens as opposed to a personal computer’s keyboard and mouse. Mobile websites are optimized for the screen size, user interface, and software and hardware limitations that exist on mobile devices.

Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons – Developers and Designers

Designing and developing a mobile website for your tanning salon is easy and affordable when you use a site like Elance ( to hire an independent contractor, a.k.a. a freelancer, to take care of the design and development of your mobile website. Post your project, your requirements and your budget. Almost immediately dozens of registered mobile website designers and mobile website developers will begin bidding for the chance to work on your project.

Getting the Most Out of Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons

Mobile websites don’t have to be a mobile optimized version of your current website. The mobile platform gives you the opportunity to get even more out of it, such as:

Coupons, Specials, Deals – When you put these up on your mobile website, your customers won’t have to worry about printing them out. They’ll have them with them on their mobile phones wherever they go.

Memberships – No need to waste money printing up membership cards. Make them electronic and link them to your mobile website.

Click to Call – now people can find you quickly on their mobile device and with one click of a button reach your tanning salon set an appointment, get more information on a service or get directions to your salon.

Mobile Websites for Tanning Salons – Looking Good

Customers come to you because they want to look good, so your tanning salon should look good for your customers. When you design and develop a mobile website with the help of the qualified contractors on Elance you’ll have a site that works beautifully and flawlessly on any and all mobile platforms. Time and time again, this method has been proven to attract new customers, and keep current ones coming back for more.

Don’t hesitate, in the time you took to reach this article, statistics show that another business or two similar to yours just took the first step to make their website mobile. Don’t get left looking pale; give your site a healthy glow with the help of a mobile website designer today!


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Andrew Surratt October 8, 2012 at 9:29 pm

The internet these days is not anymore a luxury but a need for most people. Millions are checking on social media or searching on different search engines to gain access to their needs. This is where advertising is most rampant. Thus, to advertise one must have a good mobile website filled with great content, especially in the tanning niche. People will surely notice it.