Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Business

by Michael Armstrong

Go Mobile with your Small Business Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessesMobile marketing strategies for small business can help you take your traditional methods of marketing and move them to the next level.

Small business advertising and marketing budgets are smaller than those for big business, precluding them from using bigger budget methods for increasing customers and brand awareness. But with the increasing use of mobile, mobile marketing is more targeted, more effective, and costs less than traditional advertising methods. If you’re a small business owner concerned about your marketing budget, mobile marketing can provide you with great advertising without breaking the bank.

So what are the best ways to break into mobile marketing? One of the first things to do is to with mobile advertising. The price of acquiring a short code is well worth it. A short code gives you the ability to reach your customers directly, and direct advertising is still a very successful method of advertising. Take your direct advertising mobile, and reach more customers than ever before.

SMS Text Marketing for Small Business

SMS, or text message marketing is an effective way to reach consumers. Text messages are opened far more frequently than email messages, and have the ability to garner immediate response. Text message marketing is ideal for things like mobile coupons and daily, time-sensitive deals. It is also important to note that SMS messages are not just for smartphones. Any mobile phone, however basic, can receive text messages, so this makes your potential audience much larger.

Marketing Strategy

Small Business Mobile Apps

There are mobile apps available for many types of small business industries that could help you engage your customers and grow your business. For example, there are now apps available for realtors which help them supply their clients with up-to-date information about available properties. There are apps for restaurants that enable them to provide nutrition information and other facts for their diners.

Social networking integrates with mobile marketing. Use Facebook or Twitter to entice your customers to check in with your business, like your business, and then receive coupons and other promotions to use in-store. You can also use a social networking page to have giveaways and other contests for your customers. This increases business as well as customer loyalty.

Mobile Websites for Small Businesses

Another very important part of a mobile marketing strategy is to be sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Nothing turns away a mobile customer faster than a website that is not. No matter how awesome your desktop website is, it won’t be awesome for a mobile viewer unless it’s optimized for it. Once you have a mobile website make sure that all of your most important information is on it, such as your location, driving directions, hours and phone number.

Mobile Website builder for Small Businesses 

Another mobile marketing strategy that is successful is supplying your product information on your website. Many shoppers today use their smartphones to search for products and compare prices, as well as research products before buying. If your products are on your mobile website, you will help your customers and make buying easier for them.

Mobile marketing can be a very successful tool for small business. Like any other marketing tool, it requires planning and a budget, but can really pay dividends in increased business and a loyal, engaged customer base.


Get your small business marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with Mobile Apps, Text Marketing and Mobile Websites!

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