Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

The mobile marketing strategies for politicians have changed vastly in the last few years. Now we can expect every politicians campaign to send out bulk text messages and email as well as send us updates on where they are today and what they’re trying to accomplish while there. The mobile marketing campaign strategy has one simple purpose, to keep the public as informed as possible in as simple a way as possible. What easier way than to send them messages through their phone, you know the general public carries their cell phones with them everywhere they go.

Mobile websites are one of the fastest growing ways to keep people informed of your view points, and where you are speaking at for the next month or so. Mobile websites are easy to use which makes it convenient for a mobile marketing political campaign. With SMS marketing software you’re going to be able to send out bulk messages with your mobile website information attached so your followers can simply click the link from their phones and be directed to your site for additional information. This is a great strategy for politicians as it takes very little time and reaches mass amounts of people at one time.

Regardless of which party you follow, Democratic or Republican, you can be sure that the mobile website design plays a big role in whether you’ll return to the site or not. Mobile website design and mobile apps are part of what allows the navigation to be easier for the followers and if the design is too difficult, you’ve simply wasted your time and money. The point in a mobile website or a mobile app is to make it easier to keep track of the campaign, where it’s going and what it’s in the process of doing right now; when you make it too hard to keep up, people lose interest.

SMS marketing is text message marketing. Everyone seems to know a whole lot about text messaging in 2012, and it’s one of the easiest ways to reach your general public. The greatest thing about text message marketing is that nearly everyone has the ability to send and receive text messages. You don’t require a smart phone to receive this information, so it makes it a lot more accessible for everyone! Because it’s cost effective and takes little time, it would have to be the most logical part of the mobile marketing strategy for politicians.

Mobile marketing strategies vary from person to person and the way you choose to tackle your mobile marketing is completely up to you, but with a strong mobile marketing strategy, you’re sure to get your opinions and your voice heard! Mobile marketing strategies for politicians have picked up in the recent years because they allow you to keep in touch with your public easier and faster and you don’t have to spend as much time and money as you would through other means of advertisement.

Mobile marketing will help you keep your budget intact and your public informed. It’s a great way to proceed! Get started with your mobile marketing campaign today, and see what a difference it makes for you and your party!


Illinois Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  All political campaigns need to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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