Nightclubs mobile marketingDo you have a solid nightclub marketing strategy?    Are you able to retain all of the business that you need to run a successful and profitable nightclub?

The economy is not the greatest for building a successful business and nightclubs need something that sets them apart from all of the rest.   Since nightclubs are easy to find and many run very pleasant specials, you have to work even harder to ensure you keep the business you have and continue to bring in more.  With nightclub mobile marketing you’re going to be able to give yourself the advantage over the others.

Mobile marketing allows you to contact your customers in real time and invite them in for discounted drinks on your slow nights.   Continue Reading

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Schools text messageText message marketing for schools is finding its niche in the education arena. Many schools and universities are using text message marketing in a variety of ways and finding it makes running programs and communicating with faculty, staff and students easier.

SMS Text Marketing Works for Schools

SMS marketing is an effective means of communicating and one of the best ways schools and universities can get in touch with their students. More and more people these days are communicating via text, and the majority of them are young adults, although older adult usage of text is growing as well. Colleges and universities in particular have the ability to reach more of their students by communicating with them the way they communicate. Continue Reading

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SMS Appointment Reminders are Helping Salons

SMS Text Message Reminders You’re busy, your customers are busy. Everyone is busy. It’s a fast world out there. All the more reason to go mobile. If you don’t have a mobile marketing strategy for your salon, you’re probably losing money as well as time.

Mobile Marketing: Save Money & Time

You might be wondering: how can mobile marketing – a service that undoubtedly costs money – save me money? Well, it has to do with the customers that mobile marketing can draw to your business.

There is one issue in particular that affects salons and the amount of money that mobile marketing can save them. Continue Reading

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Retailers are a Perfect fit for QR Code Marketing Strategies

QR Code Marketing for Retail StoresQR code marketing for retail stores is still in the introductory phase. Although QR codes are now popping up all over the place, they are still a big unknown to many consumers who aren’t sure what to do with them, as well as to retailers who don’t all have an understanding of what consumers expect from a QR code. However, there are some tips for retailers who are considering using QR codes in their marketing plan that will help them get the most out of QR code marketing.

What are QR Codes

QR codes are black and white patterns, sometimes color as well, printed in a square that contain information that can be read by a smartphone’s camera eye and translated into an interactive experience for the smartphone user. Continue Reading

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Free Illinois Mobile Marketing Training Wanna Learn Mobile Marketing Illinois Style? Wanna Start With FREE Mobile Marketing Training? Then…read on, Illinois!

Mobile Marketing Companies in Chicago can be cost effective or costly stuff. Today, you’ll start down a wiser road with our FREE mobile marketing training course.

Are you interested in creating a mobile marketing strategy?  Do you think you need a mobile website?  Do you have a mobile marketing plan?  Do you think SMS text marketing could help grow your business?  Could mobile app marketing be a fit for you?

Learn about one of advertising’s best kept secrets in mobile marketing services: text message marketing is affordable enough for businesses of all sizes, even yours. Continue Reading

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Take your Spa and Salon Marketing Strategies to New Highs

Salon Marketing StrategyMobile marketing is a growing trend all over the world and salon marketing is no stranger to the concept. With mobile marketing you’re allowing your business to be seen online and easily accessible through your customer’s cellular phones. With salon marketing switching to mainly mobile marketing, it’s important for salons to start working on their mobile marketing strategy.

The ideas are limitless and the ability to grow through this tough economy is truly there. With the right mobile marketing strategy and by setting up your salon marketing plan, you’re allowing your salon to be seen more and more convenient to the public. Continue Reading

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Gym’s and Healthclubs are Going Mobile with Apps, SMS and Mobile Websites

Healthclub marketingWant to dramatically increase awareness about your gym? Want to attract new members and make sure that your current members stay loyal? You can do these things with an effective SMS marketing strategy.

Mobile marketing is exploding in terms of popularity and effectiveness. It blows all of the traditional marketing techniques and methods out of the water in terms of how many people you can reach at once over a very short period of time.

However, mobile marketing is the most effective when combined with these traditional marketing methods. The following are a few examples of how you can best use mobile marketing and text message marketing in particular, to attract new members, keep current ones, and grow your gym faster than ever before possible. Continue Reading

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Retail Store Marketing is going Mobile With Apps SMS and Even Mobile Websites

Retail Marketing PlanYour retail marketing plan deserves a sound SMS marketing strategy to go along with it. SMS marketing is growing and expanding all around the world, in all facets of retail business. No matter what you are selling, SMS marketing can take your marketing plan and make it more effective at actually finding and engaging today’s consumers.

Why Text Message Marketing?

Retail SMS marketing is effective because of the growth of mobile technology. Today’s consumers are everywhere, and they seldom go out without their mobile phone. It does not matter which type of phone your customers carry, because virtually all mobile phones today are text-capable. Continue Reading

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