Does Your Retail Marketing Plan Include SMS Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

Retail Store Marketing is going Mobile With Apps SMS and Even Mobile Websites

Retail Marketing PlanYour retail marketing plan deserves a sound SMS marketing strategy to go along with it. SMS marketing is growing and expanding all around the world, in all facets of retail business. No matter what you are selling, SMS marketing can take your marketing plan and make it more effective at actually finding and engaging today’s consumers.

Why Text Message Marketing?

Retail SMS marketing is effective because of the growth of mobile technology. Today’s consumers are everywhere, and they seldom go out without their mobile phone. It does not matter which type of phone your customers carry, because virtually all mobile phones today are text-capable. Many consumers now prefer to receive texts over emails and phone calls because SMS is non-intrusive and easy to answer.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of SMS marketing strategies is that it is very cost-effective, more so than emails, flyers and mailers. Bulk SMS messages have the ability to reach thousands of consumers at once, at a cost that won’t break your marketing budget. SMS marketing strategies complement any existing marketing plan and give retailers a leg up over the competition.

Some retailers have adopted retail text marketing strategies with great success. There are many ways to adopt SMS into your overall retail marketing plan. Following are a few ideas:

  • SMS newsletters are a great way to connect with your existing customers and keep them informed about your business, and informed customers will feel more connected to you and will show that by rewarding you with their loyalty. Use an SMS newsletter to make announcements about new products, new programs and any other news you decide to share with your customers.
  • SMS polls are a strategy that allows you to know the mind of your customers and more accurately gauge what they want. Retailers have conducted SMS polls to find out how customers like new products, how they feel about their last visit to their store, or how they feel the business could improve. Consumers enjoy sharing their opinions and seeing those opinions positively affect the businesses they frequent.
  • Mobile Coupons – Many retailers of all kinds are succeeding with mobile coupons. Mobile coupons go via SMS straight to into your customers’ hands where they can be used without having to clip or print them. Some examples are mobile coupons aimed just for those customers who opt in to an SMS messaging club, as a way to repay them for their loyalty. Other retailers offer monthly specials on new products or their most popular products. Another strategy is to offer Friends and Family coupons to employees and their friends and family via SMS.

QR Codes for Retailers

QR codes can be a retailer’s best friend when beginning a new SMS marketing strategy. QR codes placed strategically around your store or business invite customers to scan and then opt in to receive special deals and other information from you. QR codes provide retailers a great way to expand their database of customer cell phone numbers to use for future SMS marketing strategies of all kinds.

SMS marketing for retailers promises to expand your existing marketing efforts and reach those mobile consumers who are not tied to desktop computers and mailboxes. An online SMS marketer like Trumpia can help any retailer adopt an SMS marketing plan that will work for them. With a wide array of features and a free trial period, Trumpia makes it easy to begin today.



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