Church Mobile Text Marketing Ideas and Strategies

by Michael Armstrong

Even Church Marketing is going Mobile with SMS, Mobile Websites and Apps

Church MarketingJesus Christ may have done just fine without cell phones to spread the gospel. My, have times changed. To take your church into the 21st century, introduce your faithful flock (and potential members) to mobile text marketing.

Entertaining Your Flock

If you’re a pastor, you may be thinking that you don’t need a church marketing plan for the members you already have. Well, just because you’re a pastor doesn’t mean you can’t preach to the choir. You can utilize sms marketing software to create a list of members that choose to opt in to a text message list. You can use this list to do things such as post reminders of upcoming church events, interesting bible scriptures and topics for Sunday sermons.

Getting New Followers to your Church

While you love all the members of your congregation, you wouldn’t mind getting new bodies into the pews. There are several ways you can do this. One way is to create a mobile version of your church’s website. On this site, you can have your members take polls on church matters, make donations and tithes and email questions to the pastors.

If you’re a pastor who’s really interested in taking your church into the technological age, enroll in a multimedia message service. MMS puts video and auditory elements into phone communications. Use MMS to share Sunday sermons, social functions and other events with your congregation and the public. You can hire a text message marketing company to help your church come up with a marketing plan. Two great companies that can help with this type of endeavor are Trumpia and Tatangia. SMS mobile marketing companies such as these can help you come up with a marketing strategy that will highlight the best aspects of your church.

Mobile Text Marketing Strategy of a Powerful Megachurch

Even the most avid atheists among us have heard of Saddleback Church. The megachurch led by Time magazine cover model Rick Warren has inspired millions of Americans to live a godly, purpose driven life.

Think you can’t utilize the church mobile text marketing strategy of the most famous megachurch in America? Think again, pastor. Even if your congregation numbers are in the dozens instead of hundreds of thousands, you can take the mobile text marketing strategy of Rick Warren and his staff and apply it on a smaller scale.

Some of the ways that Saddleback Church has used mobile sms marketing to aid in their ministry are the creation of an app for Android and iPhone, a mobile website that makes it easier for members and the general public to make donations and streaming video of church events such as an Easter Sunday service in Angels Stadium.

Just because you’re not holding church services in a Major League baseball stadium doesn’t mean that your congregation doesn’t have any use for a church mobile text marketing strategy. SMS marketing can be a boon for a church of any size. By using bulk sms marketing strategies, you can keep your members on the inside track of church activities. Church mobile text marketing plans can also be created to bring in new blood to hear those great sermons you work so hard to prepare.

Jesus may not have needed church mobile text marketing. (He kind of had the ‘dying for our sins’ thing going for him.) Since you readily admit that you’re not the son of God, get a mobile text marketing strategy today.


Get your church marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with Apps, SMS Marketing and Mobile Websites!

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