SMS Marketing Software

SMS Mobile Text Marketing White Label Reseller ProgramsWhen it came to a comprehensive “SMS Mobile Marketing White Label Reseller Programs” there were two mobile marketing companies that stood out in our minds as the best in class. From the features they offer, to their SMS marketing software platforms, these are companies that simply stood out from the competition in the realm of white labeling mobile SMS marketing.

For the purpose of these text messaging marketing reviews, we looked at over 30 companies and drew from them to get these two organizations, which excel in providing excellent services and features to text message marketing resellers.

Starting an SMS Text Marketing Business

If your looking into starting an sms marketing business or offering text message marketing services to your list of services, the last thing you want to do is build your own sms marketing software platform. Continue Reading


Salon SMS Marketing Software

Salons and Text Messages

SMS marketing software for salons is one of the greatest new ways to keep your salon bringing in new business and keep your business strong through the tough economy. Salon SMS marketing software will allow you to send out mobile coupons, develop a mobile marketing campaign, and begin your bulk SMS marketing strategy. You’re going to be able to reach more people in less time to ensure that your doors stay open and your business stays strong. With Salon SMS marketing software, your options for advertising are endless and your possibilities are as large as your imagination allows them to be. Continue Reading

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