Nonprofit Fundraising Using SMS Marketing

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Nonprofit’s are using Text Messages

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits Nonprofit mobile marketing has been proven one of the most effective tools to raise awareness and encourage donations to a particular nonprofit or charitable cause. Nonprofits small and large are tapping into mobile marketing and SMS marketing to reach more donors and encourage instant mobile donations.

In a case study developed by the Mobile Marketing Association, the Macmillan Cancer Support charity used a text message marketing service and ran ads in national newspapers using different keywords to enable them to track which print ads and publications produced the best SMS marketing results.

When donor’s texted in the code, they instantly donated $5 that is charged to the donor’s cell phone bill. Macmillan also used mail-in donations and call center donations and had the following results for their initiative using text message marketing for nonprofits:

  • 59% of donations came from SMS marketing for nonprofits
  • 29% of donations came from mailed in donation coupons
  • 12% of donations came in through Macmillan’s call center

Macmillan Cancer Support’s SMS marketing for nonprofits campaign was twice as effective as mail coupons and five times more effective than call center donations. This is a prime example of the effectiveness of SMS marketing for nonprofits.

Nonprofit mobile marketing is easy to establish, affordable and extremely effective. Using low cost SMS marketing software, even a novice with minimal technical skills can set up a text message marketing service.

Idol Gives Back – American Idol’s annual charity drive – relies heavily on SMS marketing to drive donations. By using nonprofit mobile marketing, American Idol was able to effectively reach their target demographic and encourage donations. In 2010, they used a combination of text message marketing for nonprofits and an 800 number call center. They raised $45 million dollars, more than half owing to what can be referred to as their “SMS marketing for nonprofits” strategy.

If you operate or volunteer at a nonprofit, mobile marketing is a tool you need to implement immediately to more effectively reach donors. By using low-cost SMS marketing software, you can encourage people to text in donations rather than hassling with making a phone call or printing expensive mailers and postage costs.

Illinois Nonprofit SMS Marketing Training

Mobile marketing is cheaper than any other promotional tool available to your nonprofit or charity. By using SMS marketing software to facilitate donations, you can allow small donations that would be too expensive to process using a credit card, over the phone or by mail.

Your text message marketing service will expedite the donation process – if people can simply text a keyword to a mobile number and have the donation tacked on to their cell phone bill, they are more likely to donate while you have their attention and less likely to procrastinate.

What’s more, by using a text message marketing for nonprofits focused campaign; you can also circumvent costly credit card processing fees. SMS marketing for nonprofits is both affordable and effective for nonprofits of all size and type. If your nonprofit or charity is not utilizing mobile marketing, you are missing out on donations every day!

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Mobile Marketing in Illinois is taking off in popularity.  Nonprofits need to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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