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Mobile Marketing Strategies for Political Campaigns

The mobile marketing strategies for politicians have changed vastly in the last few years. Now we can expect every politicians campaign to send out bulk text messages and email as well as send us updates on where they are today and what they’re trying to accomplish while there. The mobile marketing campaign strategy has one simple purpose, to keep the public as informed as possible in as simple a way as possible. What easier way than to send them messages through their phone, you know the general public carries their cell phones with them everywhere they go.

Mobile websites are one of the fastest growing ways to keep people informed of your view points, and where you are speaking at for the next month or so. Continue Reading

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Real Estate Mobile Marketing, Why Realtors Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Realitors NEED a Mobile Strategy

Real estate mobile marketing is the best way for realtors to keep in touch with potential buyers from anywhere at any time. Real estate brokers have been using mobile marketing more and more to stay up to date with their clients and to expand their ability to communicate with a wide range of people all at once. Now, even property managers are using mobile marketing to get in touch with customers and clients to keep them up to date on promotions and events going on. Mobile marketing is the newest way to advertise and stay in touch with your client base, without spending too much time trying to reach them all individually! Continue Reading

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